Silver and not Gold

Should we be buying Silver and not Gold?

For centuries we have seen Silver being known as the “people’s money”, while gold is called the “money of kings”.

However investment demand for silver coins and bars has never been higher. The U.S. Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and Perth Mint all set new records for silver in 2015 and we see them looking to break another record in 2016.

We can see that owning physical silver may be to your advantage. Demand for silver is setting new records and whole nations are putting in place silver dependent energy sources (solar). Nevertheless it seems we are heading straight for the perfect storm in the silver market as companies who deliver the raw material are slowing or shutting down.

On January 28, 2016 the silver futures market and the silver spot market shut down for approximately 15 minutes while the market makers were attempting to sort out a glitch that had occurred. The “glitch” was a $0.80 difference in the future contracts price and the spot price of silver. This was a failure of extraordinary portions by the people controlling the silver market. And just a few weeks earlier we saw that Deutsche Bank had rigged both the silver and gold markets and within 24 hours of this scandal there were two civil class-action lawsuits brought against Deutsche Bank totaling over $1 billion.

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