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Could there be a roadblock coming for GOLD?

The precious metal has shined as a gloomy global economic outlook – from the UKs Brexit to Chinas slowdown has boosted the fortunes of haven assets. The price of gold has soared this year mainly driven by negative interest rates and financial uncertainty. Long-term fans predict a sustained bull run, whether they are right depends […]

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People are flocking to safe investments

This week we saw gold hit a 2-year peak; one day after many government bonds hit their highest prices ever. These moves are generally signs that investors are nervous. What does this mean? Often in times of distress investors flock to government bonds of wealthy countries and gold. The theory behind this is that gold […]

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Silver 2015 Lunar Goat – On Sale From 2nd September

The Perth Mint recently announced their eagerly anticipated 2015 Lunar Goat will be available for purchase on 2nd September. As part of the Lunar Series II, the silver goat is an essential piece of the formidable 12-coin collection and promises excellent market value for investors. The Australian Lunar Series commemorates the astrological calendar that originated […]

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Heavy Influences on Gold Prices Expected This Week

Heightened tensions between Russia and the West, together with continued violence in the Middle-East is holding gold prices above the $1300 mark despite a stronger dollar. Strong US economic data is raising optimism for the health of the global economy, but warring political factors is dampening the enthusiasm of investors. As a result of geo-political […]

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Will Silver Dictate Precious Metal Prices in July?

There is a murmur on Wall Street that silver will take over from gold as the new driver for precious metals in July. Silver usually follows her more reputable sister in the price charts, but with a consistently strong performance throughout June, some analysts are predicted silver will dictate prices this month. Technical data certainly […]

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