Queen’s Beasts Lion Silver

The Queen’s Beasts Lion Silver from an investor’s perspective

At first glance this new coin shares many similarities with its smaller, more well-known cousin the Britannia. Struck in 9999 silver the obverse, of course, has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, as do all British coins. This is the most recent portrait of Her Majesty by Jody Clark, which is also featured on the 2016 Britannia and the newest UK currency coins in circulation. Apart from a monetary value of 5 pounds it appears to be identical to the Britannia’s obverse. The reverse of the coin features a crowned Lion bearing a shield with the national symbols of England (three passant guardant lions), Scotland (single rampant lion and double treasure flory-counterflory) and Ireland (the harp). As with the obverse design, this reverse design is also by Jody Clark and shares the same boldness and looseness in style as the portrait of the Queen, which I find rather refreshing compared with some of the more recent, previous versions. The background of the reverse is cross-hatched which, to me, is a bit of a disappointment. I personally prefer fine frosting or a smooth mirror finish for the background of a coin; something which brings out the detail in the foreground, rather than simply adding unnecessary detail which can distract.

This, I believe, is the first 2 Oz silver bullion coin struck by the Royal Mint and it shares the same diameter as the Britannia, which means that it’s twice the thickness of a Britannia and will therefore be nice and chunky to hold. The relief on the coin seems quite high, which is always nice. I haven’t yet seen one up close but I have some on the way and I’m very interested to see how they hold up in real life, as photographs can be misleading. Because this is the beginning of a new series and the first 2 Oz silver bullion coin struck by the Royal mint, I believe it to be a great investment for both coin collectors looming for new and interesting coins and bullion investors looking to diversify their portfolio. I look forward to seeing this coin first hand and the new designs of the years to come and I wonder what a full set will be worth in 10 years time…

Queen’s Beasts Lion Silver

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