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How To Sell Gold And Get A Fair Price

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During times of financial strife, people tend to rummage through their belongings and pull out all their unused gold jewellery to sell. And why not, gold is a safe investment you can make a tidy profit from. However, to get the best price for your scrap gold it helps if you are armed with a seller’s know-how. The price of gold fluctuates and is a particularly volatile market that can be affected one way or the other by several influencing factors. Read More...

Why You Need To Invest In Gold and Silver – Before It’s Too Late!

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Analysts have been warning consumers to invest in gold and silver for quite some time now. It’s a depressing story, but in his book “Hidden Secrets of Money,” Mike Maloney explains why the current financial system is primed to collapse and why gold and silver bullion are the ultimate insurance policy. When the gold standard was finally ditched shortly after the Second World War, national currencies were no longer backed by physical gold. Read More...