10 Reasons To Buy Gold Now

There are many good reason to buy gold, but we will concentrate on the main ten. Bear in mind that for consumers buying small quantities of gold, say one ounce at a time, gold bullion is a safe haven long-term investment. In other words, over time, gold always makes a profit.

  1. Cost of living is getting higher

Statistics show that the middle-classes in Europe and the United States is getting lower. This is principally because the cost of living is getting higher and families can no longer afford to live with the same luxuries they always have. And economic woes will get worse.

  1. Financial collapse

The credit culture banks introduced in the 1950’s is now at a point where the debt ceiling cannot take the stress. Sooner or later the debt ceiling will come tumbling down. In times of hardships, gold bullion always performs well.

  1. Bank bailouts

The debt crisis in Cyprus and Greece following the 2008 banking collapse brought about unprecedented banking laws in Europe. Banks can dip into your savings if you have €100,000 or more in your account. Invest your money in physical gold bullion to protect your savings.

  1. Diminishing gold reserves

Experts estimate that the world’s gold supply is due to expire in 2030, following which the prices will rocket before collapsing. Buying gold now will earn you a handsome profit when demand goes up in relation to the diminishing supply.

  1. Over-priced equities

Market analysts declare that the equities market is over-priced at the minute and there is no money to be gained from currency-backed investments. Although traders are still spending other people’s money to invest in equities, the gamble is greater than the gain.

  1. Low prices

At the time of writing, gold prices look reasonably attractive compared to what they have been for the last five months. We should expect to see prices hover between $1250-$1270 per troy ounce for the majority of 2014, providing politicians can keep their respective countries out of crisis.

  1. Gold coins are collector’s items

Gold coins are collectible and there are millions are collectors around the world, therefore when the time comes to sell your gold bullion you will have no problem shifting it – and for a better price than you will receive from high-street or online dealers.

  1. Gold is the ultimate insurance policy

Throughout history, political or economic collapses have resulted in instability and hyper-inflation. In many countries around the world, people are beginning to sit up and take note that we cannot trust in corrupt political systems. Over the last few years, protestors in many countries have pressured politicians and in some cases overthrown the government. These types of scenarios are not over and could happen in any country – even yours!

  1. Diverse portfolio

Savvy investors know to keep a diverse investment portfolio, and gold is a must for any investment plan.

10. Paper money is worthless

Since 1971, the world’s paper money has been fiat currencies, meaning that the value is not backed by anything other than the faith of people – based on what governments and central banks tell us it is worth. Given that currency-based financial systems always fail, one day your paper money will be worth nothing.

The financial and political crisis that experts are predicting suggest there could be troubling times in the future – and keeping your money in the bank may mean you lose everything you have saved.