4 Good Reason To Buy Gold Online

You know you need to invest for the future, but with so many investment opportunities, choosing the best option can be confusing. Precious metals, particularly gold and silver, are considered safe haven investments because the value goes up considerably in times of economic turmoil whereas paper investments will lose you money.

There are many reasons why investing in gold coins make complete sense to the savvy investor, and here are our main reasons for buying gold online. With the inevitability of an economic collapse at some point in the not-too-distant-future, it will stand you in good stead to know what will happen to your money.

Coins v Bars

The aesthetic value of coins makes them a more attractive bullion option than bars as they are easier to sell and you are likely to a better rate of return on them. Bullion bars are also heavier to transport than coins (depending on how much you purchase obviously) thus will cost more in shipping fees.

Best bullion deals online

Online bullion dealers typically charge less premiums than high-street dealers therefore you have a better chance of securing better value-for-money bullion deals. You should expect to pay around 4% above the current spot price from online dealers, although some will charge up to 15% so make sure you check before you confirm your purchase. High-street stores also charge around 15% premium so make sure to ask what the price includes.

Physical gold offers protection

When buying gold bullion you can either buy it in its physical form or electronically through exchange-traded funds (ETF’s). Although ETF’s are less expensive to purchase because shipping and premiums are not charged, there is no guarantees your investment will be paid in full if there is an economic collapse.

Only by buying physical gold are you assured you have an investment to sell for a profit. What’s more is that if you have sufficient funds in the bank it might be taken from you in times of economic crisis (see explanation below). Furthermore, UK bank holders could find that HMRC dip into their savings if you have more than £5000 in your account and the tax man deems you owe them money.

Bank bailouts

A financial collapse is inevitable. With central banks all over the world running up trillions of dollars of debt, many banks will tumble over the fiscal cliff once the debt ceiling caves in – and your money will go with it. The first case-in-point here is that any currency you hold in the bank will be devalued, together with any paper investment you have.

Furthermore, a precedent was set during the Cyprus bailout which saw the ECB introduce laws allowing banks to extract money from account holders to pay off debts accrued by the bank! What this means is that if you have more than €100,000 in your account (or your country’s equivalent) banks can take your money and you cannot do anything about it.

Owning paper currency under the protection of banks is becoming increasingly dangerous given policy makers are giving themselves the right to take it directly from your account. Investing in commodities such as gold and silver is the only way to protect your financial future so head over to coininvest.com to get your bullion bargains.