A Great Year To Buy Gold Sovereigns

You don’t have to have a special reason to buy gold Sovereigns and add them to your portfolio or your coin collection.  These diachronic coins need no special introduction as they are particularly sought after by collectors in special years, and 2014 is truly a very special year.

The outbreak of the Great War a century ago was the beginning of the end for Sovereigns used as legal tender in the British Empire, but it was also a great landmark in the creation of the gold Sovereign coin image.

Gold Sovereigns before WWI

Up until the Great War, Britain had enjoyed almost a century of unprecedented peace and prosperity. The country was at the centre of the world’s largest empire, occupying territory on four different continents, a vast stretch of land possessions on which “the sun never sets”.

A beneficiary of colonial resources and trade, Great Britain was in fact the most technologically advanced nation on Earth, the receptacle of the Industrial Revolution in late 18th and 19th century Europe, the source of the greatest inventions of the age.

The development of steam engines reformed British manufacturing, transport, labour and society, while Britain became the manufacturing centre of Europe. British shipbuilders were the busiest in the world, constructing thousands of vessels for international trade and defense and the Royal Navy became the dominant power of the Seven Seas.

British power

Despite Britain’s industrial and naval strength, British rulers and politicians did engage in imperial expansion, but generally sought to avoid war for most of the 1800’s, adopting a foreign policy of “splendid isolation”. Great Britain’s main imperial rival during the 19th century was Russia, as the two Empires competed for territory and influence in a number of regions, particularly China and Central Asia. In 1853 the two “great powers” went to war in the Crimea (Southern Russia), as Britain wanted to prevent the expansion of Russian Naval power into the Mediterranean. Britain emerged victorious and the Crimean War would be her only major conflict of the 19th century.

Domestically, 19th century Britain was often unsettled by demands for improved conditions and political reform. Rapid industrial growth during the 1800’s had benefited the middle and upper-classes but the industrial working class wrought in difficult conditions, with no rights or protections. Writers like Charles Dickens tinted the social ills of the age: poverty, crime, prostitution, child labour, inadequate sewage, poor sanitation and disease.

By the start of the 1900’s, Britain had abandoned its policy of European neutrality and began to seek allies, fearing that Germany, driven by its nationalism, its growing industrial economy and powerful military was a potential threat in its plans to dominate continental Europe. In 1907 Britain and Russia reached a successful agreement on territorial disputes. That same year produced the Triple Entente, a three-way alliance between Britain, France, and Russia.

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