A Guide To Buying Gold Bullion Bars In The UK

It has never been easier or cheaper to invest in gold, with a range of investment options available to gold buyers. The downside to variety is that making a choice can become a daunting process. You want to get the most from your investment and you certainly don’t want to find out you could have made a better choice further down the line.

One of the best ways to start your bullion collection is to invest in gold bars. The best form is physical gold as it retains value from its precious metal content. Unlike jewellery or numismatic coins, there is no artistic value in bullion gold – you’re investing in the precious metal and the value of gold itself.

Where to buy bullion bars

There are professional bullion markets in key cities around the globe, like Zurich and New York – but London remains the world’s main physical gold bullion marketplace. These days you can invest in any amount of gold – from a single gram to a collection of large bars. You can buy small bullion bars online with little fuss and search for the best price – which also allows you to build your collection gradually to suit you.

For larger bars and the most competitive prices you might consider talking to your local marketplaces that deal with the buying and selling of physical gold bars. The trouble with this option is the bars are normally much larger and more expensive. Price isn’t the only issue here though, because large bullion bars are more difficult to store and you can only sell them complete if you find a buyer willing to invest the gold you own.

Buying gold bullion online

The main benefit to buying gold bullion bars online is that you can invest in the precious metal without the hassle of buying large bullion bars. Smaller are easier to store because you can split your collection and store your gold in a number of places – a much safer way to store gold.

With smaller bars you can rely on safe delivery and grow your gold collection at a pace that suits your budget. You can also sell individual bars as you choose and store you collection more safely – giving you better control over your gold investment.

Storage option for bullion gold

Smaller bars are easier to store, but you still need to think seriously about how you plan to keep your gold safe. You can store small bars in a safe or collection of safes in secret locations to protect your investment in privacy.

Alternatively, you might prefer to take a more official approach and use bank safe deposit boxes, but you should know that any wealth deposited into a bank becomes the property and responsibility of the bank. You can get around this by storing your gold as an allocated deposit, however you have to pay for the privilege of keeping your own gold.

Another option available is to store your gold in safe deposit boxes, which means you keep your gold without the bank fees. Just be sure that, before you decide which storage option you take, you get to know the “chain of integrity” and how storage options can affect the value of your gold.