A Round-Up of Iconic Britannia Coins From The Royal Mint

Britannia is a symbol of British pride and the iconic image has appeared on gold and silver coins in the UK since the 17th Century. The Britannia is one of the Royal Mints finest bullion products and there is an excellent collection to choose from.

The image of Britannia however appeared on Roman coins since the days of Hadrian in AD199 and the goddesses name was given to represent Britain. The long-standing tradition is commemorated with gold and silver coins from the Royal Mint. Here is our choice of the best collectable Britannias.

One ounce 2011 Silver Britannia

The design on the 2011 one ounce silver Britannia represents two of Britain’s most powerful symbols – Britannia and the Union Jack. Traditionally, Britannia is depicted standing in a victorious war-like pose holding a trident and shield. The 2011 design by sculptor David Mach has the iconic figure regally seated and it is because of this unique design that the 2011 one ounce Britannia stands out amongst others.

2013 Silver Britannia

2013 was a symbolic year for Britannia and to celebrate 2000 years of her first introduction to Britain – on Roman coins – the Royal Mint produced a premium high relief, Silver Proof Five-Ounce Coin. Struck with .999 pure silver, the bullion coins are a landmark product in that it is the first time a coin of this weight has ever been produced by the Royal Mint. Only 1150 were made.

The Original Collectable Britannia

Although Britannia has appeared on British copper coins since the reign of Charles II, the warrior-goddess has only appeared on gold and silver bullion coins as recently as 1987 in order to satisfy huge global demand for UK bullion. Britannia would become the sister coin of the long-standing sovereign and featured the now well-known design from British sculptor Philip Nathan. In the following years Britannia coins have proven to be a favourite among collectors and investors.

The 25th Edition commemorative Britannia coin

2012 marked the 25th anniversary of the iconic Britannia coin and was struck to new specifications to produce a finer product. The milestone was marked by two special box sets featuring all nine designs of Britannia since gold and silver bullion coins were first introduced in 1987. The 2012 coins also mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and feature Philip Nathan’s original design.

The Britannia 50p piece

Although not gold or silver bullion, we felt as though the British 50p piece deserved a mention for its association with Britannia. The image of the Roman goddess was featured on the 50p coin throughout the UK from 1969 until it was suspended in 2008. Ever since the 50p features a unique design to celebrate a decisive point in history.

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