Britannia Gold Coins For Sale At Low Prices

With gold bullion taking a slump in prices this week, there is a great opportunity for consumers to cash in on Britannia gold coins for sale with online retailers. However, after the European Central Bank announced policy changes on Thursday the yellow metal recovered some of its losses.

An end to the Ukraine crisis and positive signs the global economy is strengthening, precious metals was losing value, a good sign for consumers looking to make gains in the long-term. However, following policy plans of ECB president Mario Draghi target long-term refinancing in the Eurozone, gold recovered $10 an ounce in afternoon trading.

There is still hope for consumers look to cash in on lower prices when economic data is released later today. With figures from the non-farm payroll to be announced in the US, upbeat data will result in another round of sales for precious metals and bring prices back below $1250 an ounce.

Sluggish Euro economy

The United States economy is the largest in the world and the NFP is regarded as a yardstick to the health of the economy, thus will hold more sway over any policies the ECB intend to inflict on bank lending in the Eurozone.

The purchase of precious metals is likely to increase in Europe to hedge against a weak Euro, but the markets in the US and in Asia will keep gold prices at affordable levels for European consumers, particularly if the Chinese economy picks up from a slight improvement last week.

So far this year, the Chinese economy has seen a slow-down, particularly in manufacturing, although that has mostly been due to a default payment in core metals. China’s shadow banking system allows lenders to offset loans against metals such as copper and iron, but the default exposed the country’s frail economy and forced the central bank to revise its policy on lending.

Buy Britannia

The question for consumers then is which gold bullion to buy. Coins are considered the best investment as they are easier to sell than bullion bars and often command a higher price because of their numismatic value – something which is more appealing to coin collectors who are generally more willing to pay a little more over spot price.

Britannia coins, produced by the Royal Mint are also one of the most popular coins on the market. With an intricate design that dates back to Roman times, the coin has enjoyed an illustrious history and represents the power and glory of Great Britain’s dynamic past.

The Royal Mint is also the oldest coin making establishment in the world and its advanced coin making techniques are recognised as the leader in bullion manufacturing. With a 99.99% fineness of pure gold, few other coins can rival Britannia.

At the time of writing, the world spot price for gold bullion is €919.94 an ounce. Online retailers is selling the 2014 once ounce Britannia coin for a special offer price of €964.22 representing a great deal.

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