Buy Gold Bullion Online

Gold price is down to around about $50 per ounce following last weeks dip.  However, with the US congress still in shut down whilst talks of borrowing money are ongoing, gold dealers look for markers to suggest an uptrend in prices in response to the US worries.  The likelihood is that gold markers will start to rise again in the coming weeks.

Today there is an overwhelming amount of gold traders buying rather than selling which has lowered the price of gold. There is still quite a significant demand regardless concerns regarding the US debt ceiling . Indeed, demand for gold has continued since the start of the banking crises and now the inflation risk because of currency printing in an attempt to stimulate economy.

You can buy physical gold bullion online and prices are starting from just under £32 – this will buy you a 1g Heraeus gold bar.  If you can afford it and you want a heavier weight of gold then you could buy a massive 1kg gold bar for just under £26,000.  Prices are varied and gauged by weight and gold purity. You can begin your search with where they have approximately 40 choices of gold bars.

Buy gold coins

You could also consider buying gold coins, these are equally a good investment with a staggering amount of choice available, such as region of minting, condition, age, rarity, demand and design.  Coins carry a premium for all of these factors but in particular minting. You can buy new uncirculated coins or old and historical coins.

For one of the heavier gold coins, you should consider the Lunar Snake from Australia, it weighs 311g and costs over £8,000.  However you can begin with one of the less expensive coins such as, the Australian Mini Roo for just under £30 you can own a 0.5g gold coin. These coins and coins from across the globe can be seen at

Whether you are buying bars or coins, gold value is predicted to rocket in the future.  It may even see price jumps more quickly depending on world events. You will have a choice of sitting back and playing the long game towards the 2030’s when gold supply will be coming to an end or if you want to take a more active role in your investment you can play the market with a range of buy and sell positions depending on trends and world news.

To do this, keep in mind that significant events usually involve economic turbulence and political unrest, the market may also react to other unforeseen situations, it is often harder to predict the gold market reaction with events that do not have a historical comparison but nevertheless could cause significant ups or downs in price.

So perhaps now while prices have taken a small knock is a good time to buy, and then you can add to your gold portfolio until you see your sell markers.