Buying Gold Coins Online Is The Best Option

There are many factors that define whether online shopping is suitable for you: the line of products you are interested in, the time and amount of money you spend for your purchases, your personality and preferences. All things considered, you will find that purchasing gold coins online is by far your best option.

Collecting or investing in gold coins is not an easy task and there’s a lot you should know before even buying your first coin; most of this information should come from the internet.  What is the current spot price of gold? What is a bullion coin? What is a proof coin? What is a premium? How can you sell your coins at best price? There are numerous videos on YouTube, online shops and gold coin sites that can give you all this information and much more.

Then you can visit the sites of some gold shops in London and New York, or visit your local market. You are most likely to find shops filled with all kinds of objects: bullion coins, circulation coins, legal tender coins, old coins, bullion bars, banknotes, medals, pieces of jewelry. If you ask about a coin, you are likely to get information leading to the conclusion that it is a “collectible”.

Your final test should be the price. Ask about the price of a popular coin and compare their offer with 3 random gold coin online dealers in the UK and the US. You will be surprised!

The variety of gold coins online

Investing in gold coins is not a one-time thing. Practice has shown that it is best to make small, regular purchases and to complete your portfolio with every new issue, as much as possible (imagine the value of a collection including all 1 oz. Krugerrand issues!). As soon as you visit the sites of a few on line dealers you will be amazed by the variety of gold coins available and the quality of the presentation that some online shops offer. This alone should be enough to convince you that your best option is to buy online.

Internet competition is keen, and this brings high quality services combined with reduced prices. But you must always do your market search! Checking the market you will find a 2014 Vienna Philharmonic 1/2oz gold coin selling for £ 423.31 at while you can find the exact same coin for as much as $ 723.50 (you can do the math!).Some dealers charge more for smaller weight gold coins hoping that the buyer will not compare prices, but the extra money you pay simply goes into larger premiums.

Bear in mind that gold coins purchased over the internet has shipping added on, but also never forget to put reliability, quality information and good customer services before lower prices.

Also at you will find the 2014 Gold Full Sovereign Elizabeth at £ 191.75. The Royal Mint offers the same product at £390.00, presented in a luxury wooden box and displayed in a plastic case. Both companies sell their products on line and provide excellent services!