Cash In On Low Silver Price

On 9th August 2013, traders commented they expect a pull back on recent silver price. The price of the white metal has gone from the high price of £0.94 per gram in April 2011 down to a low £0.39 in June.  Now silver has recouped some of its value in August 2013 to £0.46, traders are concerned it will now face a pullback.

On 20th August online traders saw a pullback from rates of 23.29 (reaching a high rate of 23.53 for a moment and low rates of 22.27 for an equally short time) to 22.98.  It was hovering at a rate of 23.05 on 20th August 2013 @ 19.25 UK time.  Was this the pullback expected by online traders and will silver continue to climb?  Some analysts are expecting a bumpy ride, but overall the price of silver is anticipated to gain. If you are able to set your stop losses to cover a possible pull back and are able to hold a trade to reach targeted gains, then you will be a happy trader closing on pleasant green gains.

Silver is long-term investment

If you are looking for a large short term gain perhaps silver is not the trade of choice unless you have a substantial amount to invest, although in view of the fact that over half of silver traders are buying rather than selling today it suggests this is a very good long term investment.

Although Silver has started to increase in value recently it has not reached the highs of 2011 so traders feel confident that if you are able to hold buy positions open you can expect a good long term gain.  Caution is required when you are looking for that pivotal moment to sell your stock of silver, but it is unlikely you will want to sell for at least several months if you are buying at today’s prices.  The market can change at any time, so keep your eyes open for factors that may affect your silver value.

Commodities affecting silver prices

Online Forex traders have turned to commodities while currency cannot be adequately analysed in the chaos of world currencies after the banking crisis.  Add to that Quantitative Easing and commodities offer more security for your investment. Precious metals have been a relatively stable investment for quite some time in comparison to currencies, however as with any investment it has been likened to gambling. You can however reduce your risk by allowing online trades the comfort of increased stop losses if you are able to play a long game and wait for unlimited amounts of time to reach the required profit to covers fees and still provide an adequate gain.

Low silver prices mean this is a great time for small to medium size investors to buy. Spot prices for precious metals will not stay this low for too long and is a worthwhile investment you can profit from. You can check out the latest silver prices and learn how to buy coins and bullion at