Chinese Panda Coin 2016 : Gram follows Ounce

Chinese Panda Coin 2016 : Gram follows Ounce

For the first time the popular bullion coin China Panda 2016 will be released in a new format: gram instead of ounce.The Chinese Panda 1 Ounce Gold is replaced by the China Panda 30 Gramm in Gold, which will be accompanied by 1 g China Panda Gold, 3 g China Panda Gold, 8 g China Panda Gold and 15 g China Panda Gold in bullion quality. Additionally the Chinese Mint issues four Gold Proof Panda Coins: 50g, 100g, 150g and 1kg.

The Chinese Panda Silver 2016 will also be issued in gram this year: 30 g China Panda 2016 will replace the China Panda 1 Ounce Silver Coins. Accordingly they will be issued in bullion quality, while the Chinese Mint will also issue a 150 g China Panda and 1 kg China Panda in proof quality.

So far the denominations were geared to the common weight of one troy ounce. For the new year, these weights were adjusted up-/downwards to the next full gram figure.

Design of the new Chinese Panda

The design has not changed very much though. As usual, the Chinese Panda appears with a new motif in 2016. This new motive shows a panda embracing a limb; beneath you find the denomination of the coin.

In comparison to last year, the weight and fineness of the coin are minted on the reverse. The Chinese Mint has abstained from doing so in 2015 in order to match the requirements of the government to only show coin weights in gram and kilo. Besides weight, fineness and year you will also find the Temple of Heaven in Beijing on the reverse, surrounded by the engraving of ‘People’s Republic of China’ in Chinese letters.

Even though these coins are being minted at the Shenzhen Guobao Mint, the Shenyang Mint and the Shanghai Mint, there is no mint mark engraved on the coin to identify its origin. The China Gold Coin Inc. is responsible for the distribution.

Gold Coin China Panda 2016

Fineweight Diameter Mintage Face value Quality
1 g 10 mm 600.000 10 Yuan Bullion
3 g 18 mm 600.000 50 Yuan Bullion
8 g 22 mm 600.000 100 Yuan Bullion
15 g 27 mm 600.000 200 Yuan Bullion
30 g 32 mm 600.000 500 Yuan Bullion
50 g 40 mm 20.000 800 Yuan Proof
100 g 50 mm 10.000 1.500 Yuan Proof
150 g 60 mm 5.000 2.000 Yuan Proof
1 kg 90 mm 500 10.000 Yuan Proof

Design Gold Panda

2016 China 30g Gold Panda-01

2016 China 30g Gold Panda-02

Silver Coin China Panda 2016

Feinweight Diameter Mintage Face value Quality
30 g 40 mm 8.000.000 10 Yuan Bullion
150 g 70 mm 50.000 50 Yuan Proof
1 kg 100 mm 20.000 100 Yuan Proof

Design Silver Panda

2016 China 30g silver Panda-01

2016 China 30g silver Panda-02