Gold Sovereign Coins Maintaining A High Profile

It is the brilliance of Gold Sovereign coins British coins that have captured the hearts and souls of millions of people all around the world. Thanks to their unquestionable quality, rich history and great investment value, the gold sovereign has maintained its high numismatic profile which makes it so popular amongst coin collectors.

Gold prices are currently revolving around the $1,300 per ounce area which is, all things considered, a buying opportunity as well as an occasion to build up your investment portfolio. 

As it is perhaps the most famous gold bullion coin in the world, the Gold Sovereign also serves commemorative purposes and is woven in great moments of British history. The 2014 issue is a prominent specimen, paying tribute to WW I heroes. The obverse side features the fourth Elizabeth II portrait, adopted in 1998.

2014 gold sovereign

The 2014 gold sovereign is the work of  sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley who wanted the effigy to fill as much of the field as possible, introducing a greater degree of realism and, thanks to state-of-the Art technology an end result of superb detail and quality. The Queen continues to be shown facing right in accordance with a tradition which can be traced back to the 17th century.

New Elizabeth II Sovereigns display Benedetto Pistrucci’s design of St. George slaying the Dragon on their reverse side while the obverse side bares four standard effigies of the present Queen since her accession in 1952. Changes in the royal portrait rarely occur on United Kingdom coins and in the long reign of Queen Victoria, one of her five portraits enjoyed such royal favour that it continued to be used for almost 50 years.

Queen Elizabeth II gold Sovereign coins  

In keeping with best numismatic practice, the Queen’s coin portrait was to be in profile and, holding to the tradition whereby succeeding monarchs were to face in opposite direction, it was to face right since her father, George VI, faced left.

The first portrait, designed by sculptor Mary Gillick, made a refreshing break from the more conventional coin portraiture of previous twentieth-century monarchs with the 26 year old Queen wearing a laurel wreath instead of the crown in the classic tradition; the new royal effigy remained in use for United Kingdom coins until decimalisation. The new Queen’s portrait seemed to embody the buoyant spirit of the post-war nation and was immediately acclaimed as the courier of a new, more prosperous Elizabethan era.

Decimal coins first entered circulation in 1968, and a new portrait by Arnold Machin was adopted. The artist gave it a fresh look by avoiding the portrait cut off at the neck which had been usual on coins earlier in the century, but he replaced the wrath with a tiara of garlands, scrolls and collet-spikes.

Sculptor Raphael Maklouf only made minor adjustments to the portrait. It depicts Her Majesty with the royal diadem which she wears on her way to and from the State Opening of Parliament, and includes a necklace and earrings.

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