Gold Sovereign Coins Still Good Value in 2014

The sovereign is the most famous gold coin in the world and has been so for almost 200 years. The Gold Sovereign value, the numismatic, symbolic, aesthetic and investment value are appreciated and appraised from India and Australia to South Africa, Europe and North America. Despite its size (or perhaps because of it), it is impossible to find a descent gold coin collection without a number of gold Sovereigns.

The gold Sovereign is really a value-for-your-money coin.  The 2014 Gold Sovereign will cost you £190.48 at, which makes it a must-buy for more than one reasons; it’s a wonderful gift to yourself or your loved ones. In many parts of the world new born babies receive gold Sovereigns as good luck charms. A gold Sovereign could mark important anniversaries and career successes. And at the current spot price of gold at these levels, you couldn’t make a more solid investment.

Timeless Gold So****vereign value

At you will find a wide range of gold Sovereigns depicting younger portraits of Queen Elizabeth II, King Edward VII and Queen Victoria in two different versions. Saint George slaying the Dragon is always on the reverse side. What is remarkable about these older coins is that they cost only a few pounds more than the newly-cut ones and that is really amazing: you can purchase a coin that is 125 years old for what 0.42 oz. of gold are worth plus a low, low premium.

Add to your collection some of these beauties, because they won’t come that cheap for long. Actually the reason they sell at these prices is that they were produced in vast quantities and distributed in every country in the world. British commerce was so expanded in Victorian times and the coins so widely accepted in all transactions that it is estimated that  Queen Victoria Sovereigns can be found in more than 160 countries today. Most of them are worn as pendants. It is impossible to say where this supply is coming from, but it cannot last very long with a large number of collectors looking for such coins.

Bear in mind that old, circulated coins are not expected to be in mint condition, but there is a scale beyond that, and it certainly affects the price. Nevertheless the crown gold patina (the almost transparent skin that in time embraces the surface of the coin) together with all the little scratches and small scuffs give these shiny objects an irresistible charm: where were they made? Where have they travelled? What did people buy with them? Let your imagination go wild!

2014 is a very solemn year for the British nation. A century has passed since a most devastating and cruel war brought Europe to its knees. A war of horrifying lethal gas, a war of fighting with bayonets after hours in the cold trenches, a war of amputated limbs and lost minds. There is nothing good to say about WWI, but some consolation must come from the emblematic design on the reverse of the 2014 gold Sovereign that hails Victory in a righteous war.