How “Heavy” Is A 5 Kilo Silver Bar Really?

Whenever it seems the world of free economy is doomed, whenever precious metals markets are facing a crash, it is the most appropriate time for you to buy a 5 kilo bar of silver. Investing in silver at today’s prices will definitely pay off heftily in the following years.

But caution is always of the essence. Getting overconfident or greedy may prove worse than acting in a state of bad psychology or panic. As we all realized last year, speculation and market manipulation cost money, especially to the less informed investors who act on impulse, whether they are buying or selling.

Looking at the spot price of silver today at $ 21.50 per troy ounce (especially after Friday’s impressive climb), who can imagine anyone selling at $ 19.10 an ounce less than two weeks ago? And at the same time who can accept buying at these prices when they know that silver hasn’t seen a climb like this for more than 3 months?

During that time, silver prices touched the $ 19 per ounce strong support mark twice-even though they bounced violently up again in both occasions. In the meanwhile silver bullion fundamentals haven’t changed in the least; instead, they’ve only become even more entrenched, and technical analysis is giving strong buying signals.

Buy 5 kilos of silver at cheapest price

By buying silver now, and in regular additions over the next several months, you can cost-average your way into the market and lower your risk. Don’t let the potential of more silver price weakness deter you.  Instead, work it to your advantage and lower your cost even further. Although silver prices are following a positive trend currently, the market is not out of the US debt crisis woods yet, although at the moment the $20 per ounce mark makes a strong support.

Whatever you do, don’t blame yourselves for not “catching up” with the market. Short term trading works only to the professional traders’ benefit as small private investors have to pay a premium (not to mention VAT) for their purchases. Check the market and try to find the best price offered.

If a 5 kilo bar is too much for you (remember it costs around £ 2,700), then you can buy smaller bars. In fact at you can purchase a 1 kg. Heraeus Silver Bullion bar for £ 545.01, and at this price 5 bars will cost you less than most other dealers will charge you for the 5 kg bar.

By no means should you make an investment in silver with money that you may need in the foreseeable future. However low the price you may have acquired your silver bullion bars in the last eight months, you will not be able to sell your silver without losing money for quite some time.

But all in all, given the silver and gold market analysis and fundamentals, prices are expected to set an all-time record price in the two or the coming years and smart investors will certainly embrace the trend.