How To Buy Gold In The UK

Gold has been a much sought after commodity for centuries and anybody planning to build a portfolio of investments should include the precious metal. Not only does gold have a uniqueness and beauty about it, but always performs well against currencies which makes it an attractive investment. So how do you go about buying gold in the UK.

Investing in gold is not so difficult to do. Deciding what type of gold to buy, when to buy and who to buy it from are the questions that require deliberation and research. We dealt with what to look for when buying gold in an earlier article Tips For Buying Gold Coins so this time we will concentrate on how to buy gold.

Buying physical gold

Gold is the ultimate safe haven and is often sought after as an investment for financial insurance or retirement plans for long-term investors. There are several ways for investors to buy gold and physical gold offers the most secure solution. You can buy physical gold online from reputable dealers such as

Buying physical gold give you the assurance that you actually have the bullion in your possession.  The only problem you need to fathom is where to store it and how to transport. For small quantities this will not pose a problem, but if you are buying large quantities of gold bars for example, the logistics are more complicated.

Your best option for huge quantities of gold is to store your stock in the bank vault or a privately owned safety deposit housing. These types of facilities have high-security surveillance and advanced technology barriers that provides a high-level of protection. Provided you find a reputable and proven partner to house your gold you should not have any problems.

Gold certificates

Electronic gold has become popular with some investors over the last decade due to its convenience of buying and selling. The only cause for concern about investing in gold certificates is if you do not purchase your shares from a reputable company. It has been known for companies to sell more gold certificates than they have actually got. If a company goes bust you could lose your entire investment.

A similar method of buying gold involves exchange-traded funds (ETF) whereby investors buy shares of the precious metal in accordance with the spot price on the London Stock Exchange. The difference here is that each share is backed by physical gold stored in a bank vault, but the process makes trading huge amounts of gold so much easier.

Bullion brokers

Bullion brokers provide buyers with an allocated account which records the amount of their gold purchase. Rather than just keeping electronic records however, the gold bullion in the form of bars or coins is physically shipped to your bank and stored in a safe depository.

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