Invest In Britannia Silver Coins Before Prices Soar

Silver prices have been on an upward climb since late February and technical indicators suggest this trend will continue for another three months. Silver bullion is up to their fourth all-time highest spot price and speculators have forecast further gains.

Fears over a weak global economy and the current crisis in Crimea, Ukraine, is convincing traders to back commodities rather than equities. Precious metals are a favourite safe-haven for investors and none of the major investment banks are taking any risks. If things boil over in Europe, silver prices could enjoy a surge akin to the sharp rise between 2001 and 2011 when prices rallied from $4 to $49.

Analysts are also pointing towards the US Fed’s tapering of their stimulus program, quoting the five-year process of printing electronic money will leave the market volatile. When Janet Yellen announced the central bank would continue trimming the stimulus by $10bn a month, silver stocks were up over 80% by the end of February.

This kind of panic buying ordinarily signals silver will continue to perform strongly over the coming months.

Why invest in Britannia silver?

Silver Britannia coins are considered amongst the elite silver bullion in the world. Steeped in history, the iconic image of Britannia has appeared in coins since Roman times, although did not appear on silver bullion until 1987 when the Treasury ordered the Royal Mint to produce the coins in order to meet a growing demand for UK minted coins.

The minting process and intricate artwork of silver Britannia coins stands them out as one of the most sought after coins by investors and collectors alike. The gallant figure of Britannia depicted in a standing position hold a shield and trident has become a recognisable image all over the world – although only one in four Britons correctly identified her in a 2013 survey.

The 2013 Britannia Silver Proof coins marked a new era for the UK bullion. Not only is it made of 99.9 per cent purity, the design was refreshed to depict Britannia in a seated position with an owl on her lap. The graceful image represents the honour and dignity of Britain, rather than the war-like ruler of the waves Britannia traditionally characterises.

Strong investment

Because silver is sold for such reasonable prices, bullion is more accessible than gold which is sold for much higher prices. The current price of silver is $21.13 per troy ounce compared to gold’s $1336. This allows investors to purchase more silver bullion and make higher profits once prices do rally.

With silver prices predicted to rise sharply over the next three months, this could be a good time for investors to make some short/term gains. However, silver is typically a long-term investment and with the debt ceiling weighing heavily after almost 60 years of credit, the financial system is posed to come crashing down.

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