Investing In Chinese Panda Gold And Silver Bullion Coins

The Chinese Panda gold bullion was originally minted by the People’s Republic of China in 1982 and has since become a popular coin amongst investors and collectors. The silver Chinese Panda coins were issued the following year. In 2011, the Chinese Panda ranked the sixth most popular gold coins on the market.

One of the overriding factors of the Panda coins popularity is the uniqueness of its design which is changed every year, ensuring the demand among collectors remains high. This sets it apart from its competitors which generally feature the design albeit with individual features that are distinctive year on year.

On face value, Chinese Gold Panda coins range from five yuan to 500 yuan, although the actual price you pay will be slightly more than the current spot value of gold. The value of bullion coins are calculated by their weight in gold, and Chinese Pandas have a weight value of between two grams and 30 grams.

When buying Chinese Panda gold coins online, they carry a small premium, typically three or four per cent. Before confirming your purchase, make sure to enquire about the amount of the premium as some retailers can charge as much as a 15% over the spot price.

Silver Chinese Panda Coins

Chinese Panda coins are also available in silver at fees much lower than its illustrious sibling. Silver spot price is currently US$19.15, and could fall further this week depending on the reaction to the referendum in the eastern province of Ukraine. If further violence is averted investors can expect a drop in prices which would make silver Chines Panda coins an excellent purchase.

There is a high demand for silver around the world, principally by electronics companies who use it as a conductor in electronic devices. Since India imposed heavy levies on gold exports into the country last year, consumers have invested in the silver as an alternative to the expensive yellow metal.

Silver is also facing an increase in demand due to its finite supply. Reserves are estimated to end in 2037. This is good news for investors who stock up on silver coins whilst prices are sub-$20 as you can be assured prices will increase substantially, thus you can look forward to an excellent ROI.

Price of Pandas

The price of the 2014 Silver Panda coin is just £16.88 from and is delivered anywhere in the EU free of VAT. Given the weight of the coin is 31.10g and contains 99.9% fineness of silver, the pricing represents excellent value for money. If you buy silver coins in bulk the total price per coin is reduced slightly.

Gold and silver coins are excellent investments to add to your portfolio, particularly when you consider that the value of precious metals always perform well in times of financial stress. Another economic collapse is inevitable, so by investing in gold and silver Chinese Panda coins now whilst the prices are going down, you are guaranteed to make a handsome profit in the future.