Is It Better to Buy Gold Bullion By Post Or Use A Security Vault?

Investing in gold is an excellent choice to make future profits. The precious metal has been a steadfast safe haven for investors for decades and for long-term investors always comes out on top. Gold is recognized as a commodity that protects your financial interests in times of economic crisis and instability thus gold should always be part of your investment portfolio.

There are several ways in which you can purchase and store gold. The best for of purchase is to buy physical gold because then you are certain that it is in your possession whereas ETF´s (Exchange Traded Funds) carries an element of risk in that traders may be selling shares they do not physically own, or the merchant could go out of business in the event of another economic crash.

Acquiring physical gold may be the most reassuring method of purchasing precious metals, but in doing so you have to bear in mind transportation and storage. Ordinarily, casual investors buy gold in small quantities so it is easier to transport and store in your home.

Postal charges vary depending on the amount of gold weight you purchase. Delivery costs from range from €16.95 to €53.95.

Storing gold bullion

The other option to having your gold bullion delivered to your home is to store it in a high security vault. This option is arguably the safest option as these vaults are impenetrable so there is practically no risk of losing your investment. However, if you have somewhere safe to keep your gold at home you will save more money.

Keeping your gold in a high-security storage facility incurs a monthly rental charge, which although minimal adds up over time and will cost more than the shipping fees. There is also the possibility that the government will confiscate your gold if the UK is thrown into a banking crisis as happened in Cyprus not so long ago.

Storing your gold in vaults however, does have its advantages. High-security storage facilities are typically used by investors of huge quantities of gold such as investment banks, but since the precious metal became so popular with private investors, anybody can purchase rental space.

Regardless of where you store physical gold, once you have purchased bullion you are legally the outright owner and have access to it whenever you like.

Price of gold

Gold prices fluctuate on a daily basis and the best time to buy is during a bear market when prices are falling. Remember, that gold prices will always have a boon at some point, and the patient investor will profit by biding your time.

In order to determine how much you should be paying for your gold, check out the Kitco spot prices. A reasonable price to pay for your investment is a few percent higher than the spot price. Where possible buy gold coins as they mature the most over time and accrue bigger gains.

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