Is It Better To Invest In Silver And Gold Coins?

Last year, and for the first time ever, investors favoured gold coins over bars. Even if it was a marginal difference in value, it is nevertheless impressive that something like this should occur, since the most popular size for gold bullion coins weighs 1 ounce.

If you want to purchase a piece of gold that weighs more than 1 ounce, then your only option is to buy a gold bar. Gold bars have a lower premium as they get larger, and that really is a big plus when you want to sell your metal. Furthermore, it is brilliant that a relatively small item could carry a small fortune, since a 10 ounce gold bar costs £7,843 at current prices, while 1 kilo gold bars (the ultimate fetish for the average investor) cost no less than £25,218 apiece.

Thus, you can easily invest in bars of your preference, store them in your vault or your safe deposit box, and think nothing of it. But remember, if you just want to sell 200 g of gold, you won’t be able to slice up your bars.

Gold dealers

Most dealers, jewellers or individuals worldwide would more easily recognise and buy gold coins than bars. But apart from acceptance and flexibility, an increasing number of investors find that bullion coin collecting is an amusing and rewarding way to build up their savings, regardless of budget. They enjoy having their gold near them, and they find the aesthetic value of gold bullion coins irresistible. They like to wear their cotton gloves, use their magnifying glasses, and admire their coins in their sachets, plastic cases or coin albums. Many upload videos on YouTube and communicate with collectors from all around the world.

Coins with significant symbolic designs like gold American Eagles, the world’s best-selling gold coins, or more plainly designed ones such as the South African Krugerrands, the world’s best known gold coins seem to attract the attention of more and more private investors every year.

Incidentally,Krugerrands, gold Maples and gold Austrian Philharmonics carry such low premiums over the value of their gold content, that they are priced almost as much as 1 oz. gold bars. Certainly there are other coins that carry larger premiums, for one reason or the other, The highly prestigious gold Sovereigns carry as much as a 10% premium mainly due to their smaller size.

Silver bars and coins

What goes for gold also goes for silver bars and coins. In fact it has become evident that silver bullion investors and collectors largely choose coins over bars.

Silver bars of high value are very bulky. For example, a 15 and a 1 kilo silver bullion bar put together cost almost as much as a 10 oz. gold bar.

As for silver coins, they are affordable, they make excellent gifts and they are issued in such a great variety of issues and designs that some of them become rare, or at least hard to find, and sell at high premiums in the secondary market.

Whatever your choice in fine gold and silver bullion products, is the answer to your needs.