Krugerrand Price Attractive To Collectors

The Krugerrand is the South African gold coin, making its first appearance in 1967 from the South African Mint. One amazing part of its history is that it had such a demand that in the 80´s it accounted for 90 per cent of the gold coin market.

With competition from other gold coins, the Krugerrand does not command such a huge percentage of the coin market but is still highly popular with collectors.

Another part of the Krugerrand’s history is that it actually was made illegal to import to many western countries as part of the economic sanctions against South Africa due to its association with apartheid. This continued until 1994 when apartheid was abolished and the sanctions were lifted.

Gold has made some recovery today, reaching a high that was approaching $1340 and has settled around $1335 per oz. Gold is looking reasonable right now, so this may be a good time to invest in coins because they are even more stable the spot prices.

The Krugerrand was designed in 1967 as a way of investing in gold, and its value will vary according to the condition and weight.  You can buy a Krugerrand, 1/10oz for just over £100 or a 1oz for less than £900, visit to view these coins.

At the prices seen today there is a majority of investors still buying gold, there is only the remaining 23% that are selling. It looks like traders are following analysis that gold price will continue to gradually increase.

The two most common reasons for this prediction is firstly that while negotiations are still ongoing with the effort to remove chemical weapons from Syria, the U.S. continues to hold a military threat should negotiations fail.  Secondly, analysts have warned there may be a pull back on recent economic recovery because currency notes have been over produced during Quantitative Easing and the expected outcome is a surge of inflation.

Limited gold supply

There is a third undeniable cause for gold value to rocket in the future and that is because gold has a limited supply that we are slowly approaching. Once it is reached then we will no longer be able to mine, and supply will end.

Before this happens, gold price will be affected by new events such as the first two mentioned.  Historically gold price spikes when there is a poor world economy, political unrest or a threat of war.  So events that perhaps cannot yet be predicted will at some point effect the gold market, but overall prices will go up when we reach the end of gold supply.

Demand for gold coins is more constant than spot gold, this is simply because coin collectors are not so much governed by world events, and coins are usually a long term investment.

There are many coins to consider but the Krugerrand definitely deserves a place in a coin collectors portfolio, just make sure you buy a coin that is in good condition, because poor condition will devalue your coin and make it hard to sell in the future. To pick up your collector´s item visit and get the latest prices on Krugerrand gold coins.