One Ounce Canadian Mountie On Special Offer at Coin Invest Direct

The 2011 one ounce Canadian “Mountie” bullion coin is the world’s purest gold bullion coin and is being offered in an amazing deal by precious metal dealer Coin Invest Direct for just €975.76 per coin. If you think that is good, the prices fall even further if you purchase in bulk. Buy more than a hundred and the value of each coin will only cost you €966.31!

The Mountie is a revered collector’s coin and contains 99.999 per cent pure gold. No other bullion product on the planet can boast that depth in quality. The coin was first introduced by the Canadian Mint in 2007 and are only produced on demand. Needless to say, demand among investors and collector’s is high, so act fast whilst stocks last!

The reverse side of the coin features the world recognised image of an officer in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, thus lending the coins the same nickname, “Mountie”. The intricate design by former Master Engraver Ago Aarand, shows the horse in full gallop surrounded by Maple leaves, another famous symbol of the country.

Canada of course is one of the commonwealth countries of the United Kingdom and on the obverse side of the gold bullion coins is the traditional image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by artist Susanna Blunt. The coin has a face value of $200 CAD, but is worth much more in real terms.

Why buy gold coins

There are a number of reasons to buy gold coins. In the case of special edition gold bullion coins like the Canadian “Mountie” collectors buy them for their rarity, design and beauty. But there is a more pressing reason to buy gold bullion and other precious metals – the collapse of the financial system.

Analysts have been warning of an impending economic crisis for years now. The credit culture and rising debt problem in the last half century is applying so much stress on the banking system that currencies are effectively worthless. Put your money in equities and you will lose the vast majority of your investment – and possibly even your stake.

Precious metals on the other hand perform well during times of economic turmoil. When the next recession hits, gold prices will go up and will most probably reach all-time highs – breaking through the $2000 an ounce strong point for the first time in history.

The debt ceiling

Central banks, governments and the media like to put a positive spin on the economy. At the moment, the global economy is showing signs of improvement and investors are being encouraged to invest in assets backed by currencies. The danger with currencies however is they show false promise.

The US alone is carrying debts of almost $18 trillion dollars and the fiscal cliff has been extended until at least March 2015, during which time Americans are being encouraged to continue spending and incurring more debt. The ceiling will collapse eventually and given the US dollar is the world’s reserve currency, when the US debt ceiling collapses it will bring the world’s entire banking system down with it.

The only way to protect your financial future is by investing in gold bullion coins and the one ounce Canadian “Mountie” gold bullion coin on special offer at presents a prime opportunity for you to make an excellent return on investment.