One Ounce Gold Britannia Coins

Gold prices are experiencing something of a rally at the moment and are likely to continue on an upward trend until the global economy shows a period of stability. The stock markets are predictably volatile in which gold and silver are the only real safe-guard investments.

When currency performs poorly, precious metals do well, therefore buying Britannia gold coins whilst prices are low is a wise investment.

Recent economic data revealed the recovering global economy is not as strong as first thought and traders quickly lost faith in equities causing a sudden decline last Thursday. Gold started thus week by cruising to its highest spot price for two months.

Gold Britannia coins available

With the Royal Mint reporting a sell-out of its 2014 sovereign coins, the Britannia is a good alternative for investors looking to add British gold bullion to your portfolio. The gold Britannia is a one troy ounce coin bearing the intricate engraving of the Roman goddess.

The coin has a rich history which makes the Britannia a collectible amongst serious coin investors. Britannia originally appeared on coins in Roman Britain, but the modern gold Britannias first appeared in the UK in 1987, although the depiction of the goddess had graced the back of the 50p coin since 1971.

The one troy ounce Britannia gold coin is the highest demonization in Britain. It contains 99.9% pure gold and is free of VAT and capital gains tax when you sell it. Given gold prices are low and expected to get lower after a brief climb, long-term investors could make some handsome profits by buying the one troy ounce gold Britannia coin.

Why invest in gold?

The amount of money banks have pumped into the system is too much for the system to fail so despite a few cracks showing in the debt ceiling it will hold up for now. During that time gold prices will be pushed down to attractive prices, probably somewhere are the $1200 mark – although some analysts are fearing it could go closer to the $1000 per troy ounce.

The debt ceiling cannot hold forever, and when the credit crash hits, the damage caused will devastate the banking world. If the Cyprus bailout is a precedent, bank account owners with more than €100,000 (or its equivalent under national law) will have their savings taken from them and will not be able to do anything about it.

Physical gold is in high demand at the moment as investment bankers return to safeguard investments and long-term investors secure their financial future by adding gold bullion to their investment portfolio.

Given the potential profits you could gain by investing in gold, one ounce Britannia coins look an excellent safeguard. When the credit crash does hit gold could soar to record highs and break the $2000 per troy ounce mark. To protect your financial future, check out the latest prices for one ounce gold Britannia coins today.