Perth Mint Lunar Goat Gold Coins On Sale in September 2014

Perth Mint Lunar Goat Gold Coins On Sale in September 2014

The eagerly anticipated lunar gold coins from the Perth Mint will go on sale in various online sources in September. The 2015 issue celebrates the Year of the Goat, the 8th animal in the Chinese zodiac.

Issued by the Perth Mint in Australia, the lunar series celebrates the 12 animals associated with the Chinese Lunar calendar and is now in its second series. The latest collection began in 2008, the year of the rat, although the Perth Mint prefer to refer to the little furry friend as a mouse.

The lunar series have been highly successful. Weighing the standard troy ounce, the lunar goat has a .9999 gold content and have limited circulation of just 3000 individual coins. Two other denominations, a ¼ oz. and 110 oz. mintage also have limited number available namely 5000 and 4000 respectively.

Given the shortage in available coins we recommend placing your order at the earliest possible moment to save disappointment. The coins will be on sale from the CoinInvest online store from 2nd September 2014.

Gold coin gifts

Given the lunar gold coin series represent the astrological star sign that influenced years of birth, they make excellent gifts as well as profitable investments. The lunar goat rules the years 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 and 2015.

In ancient Chinese wisdom, people born under the influence of the goat are said to be charming, artistic, gifted and easy-going. They like peace in their lives and are well respected by others for their kindness and generosity. The goat is the 8th sign which a lucky number symbolising peace and prosperity.

The design of the coins are beautifully crafted and on the reverse side depict a goat standing on the ridge of a mountain to represent the goat’s sure-footedness. On the obverse side is the familiar effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II designed by Ian Rank-Broadley.

To enhance the idea of presenting the lunar coins as a gift to a loved one, the coins are packaged in an elegant oval-shaped display case with a smooth wooden lid finished in a shiny gloss coating.

Order lunar goat gold coins today

Gold prices have fallen this week after reach three week highs in last week’s trading thanks to geopolitical tensions in the Ukraine and Middle East. Given the violence is unlikely to subside any time soon, now is a good time to invest in gold before the prices go up.

Not only that, but the limited numbers of gold lunar goat coins issued by the Perth Mint will make it difficult for investors and collectors to get hold of if you leave it to late, so to avoid disappointment contact CoinInvest today to place your order.