Present of gold is valuable for long term

If you are thinking of buying someone a special present, then why not think about gold? When you consider the precious metal’s role as a protector against inflation and weakening currencies, as well as a buffer from further turbulence in financial markets, a present of gold could be very valuable indeed, especially over the long term.

Not long ago, the gold market was relatively closed to everyday investors but all that has changed. The arrival of internet shopping, in particular, has made it is as easy to buy gold online as it is to buy clothes, food or furniture.

Customers of can order a variety of gold, and silver, coins and bars. The goods will arrive within two days of placing an order and making payment. Daniel Marburger, Director of Jewellers Trade Services, which owns, says customers benefit from the company’s purchasing power. “We buy our gold and silver from major mints across the world, so we are able to pass savings on to our customers,” he explained.

According to Daniel, the majority of the company’s customers throughout Europe opt for gold bars and coins, which tend to be more popular than silver. Heraeus gold bars, for example, are the most popular with about 80 per cent of customers choosing them while the Maple Leaf is the most popular gold coin. In the UK, British gold coins, such as the Britannia, which are exempt from Capital Gains Tax, are the best sellers along with 1oz gold bars.

Described recently by The Financial Times as “one of the investment stories of the past decade”, gold is known as the ultimate safe haven when markets seem uncertain. And, according to the World Gold Council, in most market crises over the last 25 years, gold has consistently increased portfolio gains or reduced its losses. “As a hedge against inflation and because it performs well during times of economic stress, we believe gold has a valuable role in the portfolio of most investors,” said Daniel.

So when you consider that gold continues to be held in high esteem as a continuing store of value, if you give someone gold, you are buying them something precious that will continue to shine for the duration.