Sell Gold Bullion For A Profit

Gold managed positive gains every single year between 2001 and 2012, which was a track record unmatched by any major asset. Within that period you could easily buy and sell gold bullion making considerable profits just by “riding the bull market”.

The yellow metal took off from a low of $265 an ounce in January 2001 to a peak high of $1,900 per troy ounce in September 2011, an amazing return of 740%.

In 2013 gold gave back more than 35% from its all-time high, testing the $1,200 mark on two occasions, leading many to call “the end of the gold bull market”, and some to fear a further gold price crash. Thankfully, the gold market proved not as volatile to such information as some speculators expected, since gold carries strong fundamentals as well as its own weight, significance and value, and has been acknowledged as an asset of noteworthy importance for so long.

Gold prices in 2014

This year has started with a delightful 10% rebound reversing the negative trend, although a correction is expected sooner or later before prices can confirm a strong support level. There is every indication that gold has hit its rock-bottom price and the market is slowly recovering, although we should expect continued volatility this year, with some risk for lower prices, but a strong bias to the upside.

With what we have today, the best case scenario would be the $1,450 per troy ounce area which should be considered as a selling opportunity for long term investors who have purchased gold bullion in 2009 or earlier. After all, a turnover of 50 % or more in five years is not bad at all for a risk-free investment.

On the other hand, informed investors and coin collectors obviously understand that this is not the best possible time to sell gold bullion, as if you have purchased the gold you wish to sell after October 2010, you are losing up to 35% of your investment, depending on your average acquiring price.

Sell gold bullion for a reason or a purpose

Preservation of your money value together with long term, reasonable profit with the lowest possible risk is what investors should ask from gold. Chasing after doubling or tripling your money in one year investing in the yellow metal is daydreaming and putting your savings in jeopardy. Stock market logic and acting on impulse will not help you either.  Use common sense and do not part with your gold without a reason, saving it instead for a time of need or an opportunity to change your lives for the better.

Having certified bullion bars or government minted bullion coins gives you a terrific advantage when liquidating your gold. Checking the market is worth your while, as you can find better buying prices for your gold bars and coins.. All things considered, your best bet is to deal on line with a trustworthy, reputable international firm that also publishes updated buy back prices for gold bars and coins. Check the offers of and get the best buy back price for your gold bullion.