Taking Steps Towards Your New Gold Investment

Slowly recovering from its 15% slump from $1,440 per troy ounce and almost 35% lower than January 1st 2013, the market clearly suggests that a new gold investment would now be a risk free move. Having formed a negative “double peak” marginally above the $1,200 an ounce area, it is gathering strength for a new climb; technical analysis indicates a more gradual transition to higher levels with a small stopover around the barrier of $1,300 an ounce.

The gold market has changed radically in the last three years and 2013 was no less than a threat to the essential benefit of the average investor with available funds to invest, but little time to waste on technicalities, gathering news bulletins from around the world, surfing the internet for live price display, or learning the secrets of technical analysis. Truth be told, most of us would rather have our dealer do the work for us!

Gold investment

Having tested and proved itself as the ultimate shelter when markets seemed uncertain, gold gives you the opportunity to trade in both an upward and downward market trend, with equal possibilities to benefit from both. Starting at these levels it should prove a quite profitable long term venture with the lowest possible risk. If you are looking for a steadfast investment, gold should certainly be in your portfolio. Even if this year’s weakness and volatility has discouraged you from doing so, it is now time to ask yourselves: “Can I afford to stay out of the gold market?”

Not so many years ago, the gold market was really a closed market involving the few wealthy people who could afford a gold investment. If you wanted to buy gold bullion it would mean binding substantial funds, dealing with a bank that would hold your money without interest for too long, going through the red tape and the needed transactions, being charged irrational commissions. On the other hand, gold bullion uncirculated coins that were supposed to be more affordable (you could even buy just one) were sold at unreasonably high premiums, even though they were not collectibles.

Gold trading

After the wild 2011 rally and the consequent correction, the world started seeing the gold market with a different eye.  A number of large investment companies emerged, dealing in physical gold and other precious metals, offering a wide range of options at reasonable prices as well as invaluable information in charts, news, and technical analysis articles with competition bringing refining fees and premiums at very low rates.

Dealing on line, companies such as coininvest.com are organized in two fields:

First, they maintain their own grid of suppliers and professional gold traders, ensuring top quality products and the best price for their customers, who can make their choice of gold investment (physical gold bullion or coins) at competitive prices.

Additionally, they organize a network of services and information provided to their clients and displayed through their websites, so that your transactions can be made perceptively, in convenience, and maximum safety.