The 2014 Silver Britannia-100 Times Desirable

While Silver Britannia coins have always offered beauty and reliability, they now also give you 0.999 purity. It is no wonder that the silver Britannia, with such a depth of history behind it, has been a popular choice with bullion investors ever since its introduction in 1997.

The legendary figure of Lady Britannia has symbolized Britain’s strength, pride and integrity on coinage since Roman times and this year’s issue is even more special as the 2014 silver Britannia carries a strong commemorative value.

The 2014 silver Britannia specifics

The 2014 Britannia silver bullion coin contains one ounce of 0.999 fine silver and measures an impressive 38.61mm in diameter, making it the largest silver bullion coin available to investors. The new specifications combined with the original Ian Rank-Broadley 1987 “Standing Britannia” design give new life to this magnificent coin. Broadly has also designed the delightful Queen Elizabeth II portrait on the obverse side. This version was presented last year for Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.

 2014 Silver Britannia value

Waving the initial controversy concerning production marks on the 2013 coin, last year’s silver Britannias met with wide public acceptance and made a huge commercial success. The upgraded purity seems to do equal -if not more- justice to the initial classic (Greco-Roman) cameo design which is used for the third successive year in 2014, a highly unusual break in the alternate design sequence, presumably due to the high demand for the 2013 version.

The last time an alternate design was used on the reverse side of the silver Britannia was for the 2011 issue struck on britannia silver (.958 purity) and is already a collectible; it was “sitting Britannia covered with the Union Jack”   It is interesting to note that so far there are no alternate designs used for 0.999 purity Britannias, and that all silver Britannias made from the britannia silver alloy fetch amazingly high prices in the secondary market.

From what we know the introduction of two additional sizes last year, a five ounce coin (face value £10), and a fractional size of 120 oz. (face value 10p) called for advanced computer technology to be assigned to transfer the original design into die proportions, thus producing amazing reliefs for the new coins, the end result being true to the smallest detail.

The 2014 1 oz, silver Britannia is truly a must have investment coin as

  • Britannia coins have always enjoyed immense popularity internationally thanks to their attractive designs and impeccable manufacturing.
  • The high purity introduced in 2013 made a perfect match with the “original” Btitannia design while state-of-the-Art Technology is applied to produce top quality relief results.
  • 2014 is a commemorative year, and the depiction of the divine warrior holding her long trident and standing true to her country’s values is the best way to pay homage to Britain’s WW I heroes.

2014 Silver Britannia prices

If you are buying in the UK you will find the 2014 1 oz. silver Britannia Uncirculated coin at a little over £19 offered by, which is a really great deal for a very special coin.