The British Gold Sovereign :A Piece Of British History

This is really a great time to invest in gold. Despite its gains, the price of the yellow metal shows no indication that it will drop below the $ 1,330-1,300 an ounce mark any time soon. In fact giving strong buying signals until the 1,400 per ounce resistance point.

This is a time to rejoice for gold investors and buying British Gold Sovereign coins promises to be profitable in the long-term. With a long history as legal tender within the British Empire, and centuries of international trade transactions, the gold Sovereign is a highly acknowledged coin and an extremely popular choice for coin collectors.

The 1817 British Gold Sovereign celebrates the end of the Napoleonic wars

It was almost 200 years ago when Napoleon was defeated in Waterloo. The new era was to be celebrated by reviving the gold Sovereign coin to replace the guinea. Being impressed and inspired by the Parthenon marbles at the British Museum, famous Italian sculptor and engraver Benedetto Pistrucci undertook to provide a jasper cameo of St George, the patron saint of England; that would prove an excellent and distinctive reverse side design for the new gold coin.

However, the initial portrait of King George III, also designed by the Italian engraver, has become known to collectors as the “bull-head George”. Pistrucci was unable to engrave it from life since the King was insane, and the design was met with such public hostility that it was withdrawn.

The British Royal Mint began striking new Sovereigns in 1817 with a nominal value of one pound sterling. The gold content was fixed by the coin act of 1816 at 0.235420 troy ounces of pure gold (7.322381 g) and has remained unchanged to the present day: current sovereigns are struck in the same 22 carat (91⅔%) crown gold alloy as the first modern sovereigns of 1817 to make gold coins that are legal tender more durable, so they can resist scratches and dents during circulation.

The sovereign weighs 7.988052 g, it is 1.52 mm thick, and 22.05 mm in diameter.

The British gold Sovereign is without doubt UK’s most famous coin, a coin so beautiful and rich in history, a coin of such supreme design and craftsmanship, it is rightfully considered as the flagship coin of the Royal Mint, and for most people it is synonymous with Britain herself. The picture of Saint George- the patron saint of England- killing the evil dragon is still in use on British gold sovereigns, although other reverse designs have also been used during the reigns of William IV, Victoria, George IV, and Elizabeth II.

The 2014 British Gold Sovereign pays tribute to WWI heroes

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