The Successful Gold Investor’s Guide

Just a handful of days before the month was over, the gold market surprised us on Tuesday with a totally unexpected 2.5% drop, breaking over six weeks of stagnant stability.

We are soon entering the summer season, a period when gold prices have seen their year lows in 2012 and 2013. Perhaps this summer will give similar opportunities to gold purchasers, and hopefully this guide could serve as a “call to arms” for both new-cut and experienced investors to prepare themselves for upcoming buying opportunities in gold bullion.

  • Be confident that by investing in gold you are doing the right thing. Confidence along with patience should be your most trusted weapons. Think that by investing in gold, you are already successful, and your financial future is secure.
  • In each case, it is important to decide if you are buying gold bullion for investment, a gift, a keepsake, or as part of your collection. Sentimental attachment to gold can provedamaging to your investment.
  • Be sensible on your expectations from your gold investment. Purchasing gold at a reasonable price you have targeted after some research, means that you are investing with long term minimal risk. On the other hand, you can’t expect impressive near-term returns, although sometimes it does happen. These are called “profound selling opportunities”, and it is the only case you would be right trading some of your gold.
  • Do not confuse connect or compare investing in physical gold with any other type of investment, such as ETFs or Gold Mining company stocks. Derivatives and stocks have no intrinsic value. You can by all means combine your gold investment with buying ETFs and company shares, but investment risks are immensely higher as these markets have entirely different specifics. Be aware that investing in gold is becoming differentiated even to investing in silver.
  • Forget the meaning of the words “fear”, “greed”, “bulls” and “bears”. Moderate purchasing of gold bullion on a regular basis is the key to an overall successful investment. Whenever you get the bug, think of all fellow investors who bought gold at over $1, 800 an ounce in 2011, as well as those who, in a state of panic, let their gold go for less than $ 1,200 per oz. last year.
  • Try to put some effort towards your investment, and learn as much as you can on the specifics of the gold market. Take the time to keep updated on world economic news and market sentiment evaluation; make the best of 24-hour, weekly, monthly , annual and historical charts, as well as technical analysis articles. You can easily find all this information on line, and it will take you no more than 30 minutes, 1-2 times a week, to do your homework. You will immediately discover that you have a lot to gain.
  • Most importantly, and probably above all else, search the market for a reputable international dealer that best covers all your needs. Compare selling and buy back prices, range of products, as well as presentation and descriptions, ways of payment, and shipping and handling charges. Check for charts, technical analysis and market analysis articles.

Trust the site of and brace yourselves for a bumpy summer ride in the gold market!