Traders Buy Silver Bullion

Silver price today is averaging around $23 per ounce, an improvement on prices only two days ago that fell below $21. However over the year so far silver still sits at a low price in comparison to just over $32 per ounce in January.

Expectations are to see a rise in silver bullion prices year on year because investors know that supply is predicted to be completely depleted by 2037, but along the way there will be world events that dictate market trends . Overall in the future prices will increase but it will not prevent silver achieving a disappointing price when demand is reduced because investors are presented with alternative trades when the economy fully recovers.

The reason silver demand has been up is because during world economic depression the value of money was safer in silver without the risk of the repercussions of difficult times for world currencies. Although the economy has improved recently, some analysts have predicted a fall out caused by the elevated printing of currencies to try and manage flat line economies.

Another point to be aware of, which is very relevant today is the risk of military action from the U.S. in response to the illegal use of chemical weapons in Syria.  Russia have asked for diplomacy and negotiations to recover the weapons peacefully, however if Syria refuse then it is inevitable that U.S. forces will be deployed. The lead up to military action may see markets take a pre-emptive increase in silver demand, and if negotiations are successful and peace is restored then demand will reduce. Some traders will make money on the temporarily increased demand or alternatively these investors are likely to hold trades open for an increase in the future.

Short term and long term investment

Today traders are choosing to buy rather than sell at these minimal prices while they watch negotiations with Syria. There is a huge 92% of traders buying against only the remaining 8% of traders selling. With this information and analyst’s short term and long term predictions it suggests that to buy silver now is recognised as a good investment that offers the opportunity of short term gains with an even better opportunity over the coming years.

It is possible to begin your investment with as little as just over £5 for a Noah’s Ark ¼ ounce silver coin or even less with a silver Dime, 10 Cent, Roosevelt for only £2.88.  If you have more money to invest you can own a 15000gr silver bar for under £11,000, visit to view more options.

Coins are usually worth more than simply their weight, minting, conditions and demand will increase the value. Buying silver bars or even ETF’s (silver exchange traded funds) still offer a very important investment and will even be useful in the industrial world.  Silver has a huge demand in industry, it is a very conductive material and some analyst’s comment that silver bullion is undervalued when it has so many uses in comparison to gold.