Using Kitco Gold Charts to Understand Gold Prices

Kitco is a Canadian company that buys and sells precious and other metals, primarily focusing on gold and silver. It also maintains live 24-hour quotes and charts for metal prices. The company was founded in 1977 by Bart Kitner using a loan of CAD 700. Initially operating from Kitner’s apartment in Peel Street, Montreal, it moved into its own office in1983 and in 1989 it moved to its present offices in Cathcart Street, Montreal.

Today, Kitco has offices in Montreal and New York as well as a significant Internet presence. The Kitco platform offers in abundance all sorts of data and information concerning your investment in precious metals and it is, for many experts and private investors, an indispensable guide. As of 2008 its website is the most popular worldwide in searches for the terms “gold “and “silver”.

Reading Kitco gold charts

Kitco gold charts, especially in the interactive version, are both precise and easy to read for layman. They can be quite useful when it comes to detecting support levels and resistance points, thus helping us to determine what is a good buying and selling target price.

Live 24-hour price charts are displayed in different colours along with the price charts of the previous 2 days, which is a really interesting feature.

It is also interesting that you can find gold chart images in both US dollars, Euros, British pounds and other currencies both per oz. and per kilo.

Starting from the 8-hour gold price chart and going to historical charts of up to 50 years, browsing through gold prices in various periods of time you will find valuable references you can use together with technical charts and fundamentals charts that include very useful data about gold supply and demand.

Currency charts

The site also includes pages containing gold-currency charts, current NYSE market overviews with full data analyses, the Kitco events page with enlightening webinars on gold investment topics, as well as a discussion forum page.

Kitco News is the journalistic division of Kitco that performs original reporting in the forms of articles and videos. Original coverage by Kitco News includes being one of the first organizations to break the story about the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee’s (GATA) lawsuit against the Federal Reserve.

Lately Kitco news is covering the crisis in Ukraine, thoroughly presenting all aspects of the situation and its effects on gold prices. In addition to this, Kitco News reports constantly on price movements within the precious and base metals markets, and provides both fundamental and technical analyses in a consistent and responsible manner.

As more people around the world are engaged in the gold market, it is becoming progressively harder to plan an economically sound investment in gold bullion. There are so many parameters you should take into account that it always feels like you may be missing out on something, perhaps a minor technical detail or a seemingly irrelevant piece of news. Kitco’s website covers every angle of the gold market and provides all the information and data you may need in the most comprehensive way possible.