Why Now Is The Time To Snap Up Special Offers On Gold Coins

Gold prices have had a tough 2014 so far, however market signals suggest a turnaround is looming and the indications are now is a very good time to buy gold. Rising inflation combined with the “risk premium” of conflict nations and limited alternatives have started a rise in gold prices – roughly a 10% gain since January.

Which makes it the perfect time to start investing in gold again, just as the price hike starts rolling. Gold always bounces back, which is why investors around the world rely on the precious metal as a safe investment. And with prices hitting extreme lows in the first half of 2014, the only way is up for long-term returns on gold.

As the gold market picks up again, the easiest way to snap up gold at a low price is to invest in bullion coins. Gold coins have a number of financial and practical advantages to other forms of gold investment and reputable retailers often have special offers on bullion coins.

Gold choice: The Deutsches Kaiserreich Series

Born of the German Empire, the Deutsches Kaiserreich Series of gold coins have seen almost two centuries of turbulent history across Europe. The original 20 Mark Kaiser coins were published under Wilhelm I., emperor to the Kingdom of Prussia until the late 1800s.

The Deutsches Kaiserreich Series coins were minted until 1918, amidst threats of revolution that forced Germany to agree an armistice to the First World War. The final coin in the series is the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg coin, embroiled in the design of Hamburg’s great coat of arms.

The giant coat of arms fronts the face of the 20 Reichmark coins, held up by two lions and surrounded by the inscription: “Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg”. While the reverse shows the crowned eagle of the German Reich, wrapped in the date of each coins and two further inscriptions of “20 Mark” and “Deutsches Reich”.

Special offers on gold bullion coins

With market signals suggesting gold prices are on the up again, now is the perfect time to take advantage of special offers on gold bullion coins. Gold coins are the most convenient way to invest in the precious metal and rising prices mean you can expect a faster return on your investment.

You can buy the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg coins for as little as £220 and watch the asking price increase as gold prices continue to grow.

These historic coins are a great way to get back into gold or make your first investment – without the hassle of buying bars or other forms of gold. Coins are easier to store and instantly recognisable, making them easier to sell at a time that suits you. Likewise, you can buy any quantity of gold coins you like and build your collection as you see fit.

Remember gold prices won’t stay this low for long so head over to coininvest.com for the latest special offers on gold coins.