Why You Need To Invest In Gold and Silver – Before It’s Too Late!

Analysts have been warning consumers to invest in gold and silver for quite some time now. It’s a depressing story, but in his book “Hidden Secrets of Money,” Mike Maloney explains why the current financial system is primed to collapse and why gold and silver bullion are the ultimate insurance policy.

When the gold standard was finally ditched shortly after the Second World War, national currencies were no longer backed by physical gold. Instead, banks created fiat currencies – and according to Maloney, history shows fiat currencies always fail without exception.

When credit was introduced in the 1950’s, it allowed the global monetary system to trade through deficit spending. This system creates bubbles, which is good for a short time, but have severe consequences on the masses once they burst. The credit culture creates a state of perpetual debt and central banks are running up accounts worth trillions of dollars the public will ultimately be responsible to pay for.

Maloney warns that when the next bubble explodes, it will make the great depression of the 1930’s seem tame. He says credit “threatens to be a global financial nuclear holocaust, the only financial survivors of which will be the owners of gold and silver.”

New World Monetary System

Whilst conducting the research for his book, Maloney discovered that a new monetary system is introduced every 30 to 40 years. The current system is the US-dollar standard which is maxed out to the limit. Observers of the financial news do not need an expert to tell you the bet ceiling will not hold much longer.

The US dollar is already in a its final transition of fiat failure and experts doubt it will make it through the decade. Last year Washington big-wigs ignored the debt crisis and extended the fiscal cliff to March 2015. It could be less than a year before the collapse.

The greenback represent more than half the value of global currency so once it falls the domino effect will be set in motion and the banking system will fail in its entirety. G20 big-wigs will then be called in to take emergency action and a new world monetary system will be introduced.


Central banks have splurged trillion of dollars of electric money into the system in an attempt to revive their respective economies. Once this money is withdrawn from the balancesheets, there is a serious risk of hyperinflation which will cause of loss of faith in currency.

Traders will instead rely on the safe haven of precious metals, and history shows that gold and silver always offers investors financial security. In comparison, all other investments are overpriced and doomed to failure.

Maloney is not alone in addresses the fragility of the current financial market and money managers the world over are advising consumers to prepare for the worst. Their advice is to buy gold and silver bullion. To protect your financial future, head over to coinivestdirect.com today and check out the latest deals on gold and silver bullion products.